Thursday, April 12, 2007

long time..

its been a while. Well. nothing much to say really. the young Entrepreneurs competition was quite an experience. Ive got the "CPR Policy of Niche" coming out of my ears..(CPR at niche means creativity profitability and responsibility- we as young creative Entrepreneurs are making profits, and yet are aware of our responsibilities towards la la)
We did good.. all four of us..

its been long.. and ive learnt a lot.. Ive learnt how to deal with my emotions.. and mostly.. ive learnt how to be content and happy.. well.. As many know we are now part sponsoring a child at the dubai center for special needs.. and ill just quote myself-

"As a young girl I find myself asking many questions, mainly- What is the true definition of happiness and satisfaction? I have spent days trying to find answers, and it all hit me while walking out of the Center after having learnt that I had just helped someone. These feelings are difficult to explain, however, if one had to sum it up, the perfect word would be- Satisfaction. Each and every one of us felt that."

its allll cliched in a way..but not many have felt what we have.. and it was an amazing experience..

Well apart from this, Ive been busy with SAT and my Portfolio classes.. got a LOT to do for college..well at the moment i dont even know WHAT i want to do.. is it Fashion Design, fine arts, performing arts(well back ruled tht out didnt it:( ) so lost:(..

Thanks to everyone who came to our stall and supported us!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

does it?

So it's been a while..
Where's my other blog you may ask?
gone..over and done with.

It's just that I have a lot more to write about now... and I somehow needed to get away from the "blog scene" for a while.No, I have not deleted my previous blog or changed my ways because of past events.(well actually my blog had been deleted automatically-or so it seemed).. I have simply been busy with 11th, portfolio's for college, etc etc. Today, I'm the same person, but I have simply decided to show you a different side altogether.

I have learnt a lot in the past seven years, and I believe that life should be lived to the fullest, regardless of how old we are. I am not immature- I choose to be childish, simply because, by doing so, I am able to release the pain and suffering that I alone, face.

Anyway, Im not here to bore you people with my sob-stories of how I've suffered, because I don't want your pity. I'm here to write about many things, and this time it's different. And, if you've accidently stumbled upon my site and are disgusted, please leave, as you aren't wanted. The same feelings are reciprocated, as I as an individual, believe that I have a right to my own venting space.

As for the rest of you, if you're genuinely here to read what I have to say, I thank you. It's always nice to know what others have to say, and so, please do comment! Constructive criticism is welcome. But, really.. why are you here watching me ramble? Does it really matter?